Tuesday, April 9, 2013

No Money, No Family.

Since Nicki is now so far up her own ass, and Azelea Banks might be committed any day now, Iggy Azelea has become a nice replacement for the two of them. Would betta WORK!


The Face.

Cate Blanchett covers the May issue of Harper’s Bazaar Australia shot  by Steven Chee.

Face face facefaceface! That what she does, gives good face!


Monday, April 8, 2013

Golden Girl!

Speaking of Game of Thrones, how pretty is Brienne of Tarth in real life? You work those pins Gwendoline Christie!


And in keeping with GoT, here is Chvrches' version of the theme. Synch goodness.

One big happy family!

The cast of Game of Thrones, just chillin' and hanging out together!


Anyone sitting here?

Now even chairs can't be trusted


Walking on Sunshine!

Sure, the whole world may be obsessed with her big sister, but when it comes to fashion, personal style, and knowing how to make a statement with clothes, Beyonce doesn't have anything on Solange.

Business on top. Party on the bottom. Perfect overall. Leave it to Solange to make Michael Kors look young and cool.


The original Michael Kors runway look.

(images via Tom & Lorenzo)

Miley in the Dog House

Ive always had a soft spot for Miley Cyrus, she seems like a humble girl. SO I was more that pleasantly surprised with how good her collaboration with Snoop Lion turn out.

Listen to Ashtrays & Heartbreaks below and let me know what you think...


Back with a bang!

Inspired by Jesus, I've decided to resurrect my beloved blog... Not that it was ever really dead, I just needed a little break. Now that college is almost over, I'm ready to recommit to Were Having A Moment.

So to ease you back to WHAM, here are some pretty pictures.