Thursday, July 21, 2011


My one day at Oxegen got me back in the festival spirit, and while spending the whole weekend camping was out of the question, a bank holiday weekend camping in Tullamore sounds far more appealing... And unlike the Oxegen campsite, the chances of getting stabbed seem quite slim.

Castlepalooza returns for its sixth year, and the festival shows no sign of losing momentum as this year seems set to be its most exciting yet.

Held on the grounds of Charleville Castle, Castlepalooza brings a fantastic musical mix to the midlands, highlights this year include Hip Hop legends Naughty by Nature, and electronic superstar Hudson Mohawke. Homegrown favourites Jape, and up and coming flamboyant Bitches With Wolves are also on the bill, along with a host of other Irish and International acts....

See for weekend tickets and the full line up, or see

Right now on Facebook, Castlepalooza are offering an amazing 30% off weekend tickets for all new Facebook friends, so add them and go have a great weekend in the woods...


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Beastie Boys, NOW!

The Beastie Boys return in a fun new video, with a little help from Santigold, and director Spike Jonze, the rap superstars have gone all ACTION LEAGUE NOW! in their latest video, for the single Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win.

I LOVE Santi's knuckle-dusters...


Who Run The World?

Obviously that it as rhetorical question, because everyone knows that it is Queen B, who runs the world...

When I heard that a female global superstar would be headlining one of the nights of Oxegen, I knew straight away that a) It was going to be Beyonce, and b) I had to be there! Mostly because I'm almost sure that after the Summer Jay-Z is gonna knock her up, and she won't be touring again for a few years, so I figured lets go she her whilst I still can.

Her set at Oxegen was spectacular. Her voice carried over the enormous crowd, and kept her legions of fans entertained all throughout her set.

The set itself was a fantastic mix of anthems, ballads, and heritage, as she belted out some of Destiny's Child's greatest hits, much to the delight of her fans, myself included. As a performer she is like no other. From complex dance routines, to her crowd interaction and participation (To the left, to the left!) she is top of her game.
(She also seemed to be genuinely bemused, and somewhat flattered by the 60k crowd chanting "Whoop, DAT ASS!")

Admittedly after the show my only regret was that I hadn't watched her at Glastonbury three weeks earlier, while she was equally incredible both night, the setlist was pretty much the same, so her show to me wasn't as surprising, as to someone who hadn't seen any of her previous Summer performances. Someone like my mate Alan, who turned to be at the beginning of every song, to tell me the title. "Single Ladies", "Girls", "Jumpin' Jumpin'", "SURVIVOR!". I was like I know Alan, calm down love...

Even material from her new album, 4, had the audience spellbound, and impressively singing along to Best Thing I Never Had, and entranced as she sang 1+1.

I don't know much about AL-GER-BRUH either Beyonce, but I do know you put on one hell of a show at Oxegen, 2011...


Monday, July 18, 2011

Captain America

Another Day, another brilliant design by the one and only Olly Moss...

This time he has come up with a brilliant concept for the upcoming action film, Captain America. Using the idea of World War Two propaganda posters, the really gives the film a heavy feel.

A think its absolutely amazing...


The Batman!

How amazing is the new Batman poster? Once combined with the Batman Begins poster, and The Dark Knight poster, the trilogy is combined. Its a really clever concept, a nice way to round off the trilogy.


Thursday, July 14, 2011


Clunge! What a great word. Clunge! Anyways I love The Inbetweeners, yes its immature and crude, but I'm 23, so that appeals very much to me... Plus the remind me of my mates. Pack of losers!

Its in cinemas August 19th


Stroke of Genius...

TED talks are just like those Tumblr blogs you get hooked on at 4 in the morning, meaning that when you should be sleeping, you tell yourself just one more video.

And this talk by Jill Bolte Taylor is particularly inspiring.


We need to talk about Tilda!

Tilda Swinton in the August issue of W Magazine, shot by Tim Walker, and Styled by Jacob Kjeldgaard.

I don't really have anything else to add, the pictures really speak for themselves.

But if I had to say one word, it would be FIERCE!


Pirates Ahoy!

Finally! A film about Pirates that doesn't star Johnny Depp! From the makers of Wallace and Gromit and the amazing Chicken Run, The Pirates stars Hugh Grant, Selma Hayak and a host of British stars in whats looks to be another Aardman jem.


Looks good right? Almost finger lickin' good? Okay enough of the puns...

You can find the recipe HERE.


Every Little Helps!

Who would have thought that Tesco would be leading the way in QR code retail shopping?

Such an impressive concept and use of current technology..


Made In Temple Bar (not Chelsea)

This is a great viral video for The Made in Temple Bar event...

From July 15th - 24th, Temple Bar Cultural Trust is teaming up with more than 20 of our cultural neighbours, over 100 artists and performers and some of the most exciting creative companies in Ireland to celebrate 20 years of unique culture and regeneration in Dublin's Cultural Quarter.

Over 70 events taking place in Temple Bar will include premieres of site specific theatre, outdoor movies, specially commissioned art installations, Grammy award winning artists and even a world famous high wire walker!

Temple Bar Cultural Trust is delighted to bring you an imaginative, dynamic and extra special 10 day programme that will also include opportunities for young and old to get creative and make their own works of art, watch thrilling new art being made and take part in a conversation about culture that will involve hundreds of people

Look forward to checking out some of the events... Full programme of whats going on is available at the TEMPLE BAR WEBSITE.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Pierces @ OXEGEN

Apart from the obvious Queen B, one of the other acts I was most excited to see on th Sunday of Oxegen was Alabama sisters, Alison and Catherine Pierce. Otherwise known as The Pierces...

I first heard of these girls back in 07 when they appeared on an episode of my obsession at the time, Gossip Girl. Since then Id pretty much forgotten about the girls, until the released their latest album, the brilliant You & I.

The duo are a prime example of folk-pop brilliance, and their Oxegen set was just that... With a mix of hits and old favourites it was the prefect half hour set for a tent full of enthusiastic fans.



Paris Hilton in V Magazine's Transformation Issue.

I used to like Paris, I always thought that her ditzy blonde act was just that, an act. But after seeing two episodes of The World According To Paris, I fear she may be just another silly socialite. Oh well, at least she takes a good picture.