Thursday, December 31, 2009

Q R S tea U V

Sure, didn't the Lord himself pause for a nice cup of tea before giving himself up for the world... fact!


Future Warrior

So apparently the big trend for 2010 is getting your tits out! hmmm, i could do that! Marloes Horst poses for the Future Warrior editorial in Ponytail Magazine.


Lily does Harper's

I've never really had a problem with Lily Allen, but I seem to be the only person. awyways here she is, tits and all, in Russian Harper's Bazaar looking quite well.


Speaking of all things Russian, Natasha Poly looks to die for on the cover of Vogue Russia's January Issue. God I love that type...


Monotone sex is what that is! Im loving the big B&W prints and overall hard-edge look to the new collection. oh and the studded sandals on the male models! dying!


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

McQ - on yo feet!

I always want what I can't have! Well most of the time thats true except for a trip to TK Maxx last week when I got myself a pair of Alexander McQueen for Puma Hi-Tops. €220 down to €50. gotta love the TK. Ive only had em a week and they're already filthy, and someone (ALAN!) got sick on them! but still. Im in love.


Rodarte Boots - Art Attack Style

I found this over on Caroline's Blog, and I though some of you ladies would be interested. Those Rodarte boots are amazing, but I can only imagine the price tag.


1/Grab yourself a pair of over the knee or thigh high boots.
Caroline suggests buying sheets of faux leather by the meter; but we would even say that genuine leather off-cuts are a great idea, and would add a touch of quality and authenticity.
2/Whether you choose faux or real, simply cut the leather in strips about 4cms wide and 150cms long.
3/You can fold the strips in half, or fold both edges under, to make them neater.
4/Then, wind one strip at a time around the boots. Caroline's method is simply to tie regular knots and then cover over each knot with the next strip; but if you want a more permanent solution you could also try gluing or stitching them on

My New Years Dance Floor!


Star Wars... on yo feet!

Adidas Originals continues to keep it cool with it's latest collection, Star Wars + Adidas. I really don't think there is any need for star wars inspired shoes, but then again I would happily wear the AT-AT influenced High Tops! Plus the fan boys will love it!


Monday, December 28, 2009

Make Mine A Double

So this Giftmas I thought id save lots of money buy making everyone in my family tshirts! Well I made the shirts and also spent a heap on presents too... ah well, it is Giftmas after all...

Hope everyones having a great holiday, and roll on 2010!


And it wouldn't be Christmas without a mini disaster and no water for a day

The Devil Made Me Do It

Depending on where you work, the above video is probably NSFW.

So I've always liked Massive Attack, but I would never call myself an obsessive fan. What captivated me about their video for new track, Paradise Circus, was the woman in it. Who is this woman? The question resounded in my head for a while after watching the video. After a quick click on good old Google I found out that this woman is Georgina Spelvin. Iconic 70's erotica star, well, according to Wikipedia anyways.

Her monologue in the video is taken from her autobiography, The Devil Made Me Do It. While the clips are from The Devil In Miss Jones, apparently one of the greatest seventies pornos of all time. The video was directed by Toby Dye, and I don't really know what else to say about it? Is it art? or just Massive Attack wanting some controversy? Either way I enjoyed the process of finding out about Georgina more than the video. FYI after she retired from the Adult Industry she became a graphic designer, working for the LA Times until she retired in 2001.


Banksy? who the fuck is he?

is exactly what my younger brother said last christmas when I got him Banksy's book and about 50 euros worth of spray paint! he then proceeded to Tag his entire bedroom with "G-Dog woz ere" and "Lifford 4 life!" and who do you think got the blame? yeah. me. anyways heres a few new ones that appeared in LDN last week. Im diggin the Global warming one. Banksys a hippie, who knew?

I'm only human, a coward at best

1937! This was recorded in 1937! this song is 62 years old and is still, just as beautiful as, well I cant compare it to anything really. Its just Billie Holiday!

Christian "You like Billie Holiday?"

Cher "I Love him!"


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

These streets can make you feel brand new

Sex and the city 2! Im so excited, should be great. Tho not very excited about Stanford and Antony getting married, what happend to poor Marcus? anyways ive watched this on repeat about 8 times now so I thought id share it with ye!


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Book of Gaga!

Gaga really knows how to keep things fresh, These amazing photos by David LaChapelle are part of a book, The Book of Gaga, which comes with the limited edition of The Fame Monster. Oh it also comes with a lock of Lady Gaga's hair, if thats your thing?


this is BIG!

In Love! Gonna be ravin all Xmas to this! Kid Cudi + MGMT + Ratatat + Aoki on the Remix FUCK YEAH! BIG


3 words dont mean shit to me!

Take that Cheryl! So I didn't know anything about Dangerous Muse except that they designed a t-shirt for H&M's Fashion Against Aids Campaign (I got the Katharine Hamnett T-shirt, its alot cooler) and that their name sounds alot like Danger Mouse.

Anyways I was on The Bubble Boy's excellent blog Spherical Notions and I finally got to hear some of their music, and its really good! As Joey says Epileptics and Homophobia be warned, and if you're an epileptic homophobic then what the fuck are you doing on this page? Shoooo


get off me with yer pissy hand!

did ya see her at me bleedin' extensions? An Irish version of The Hills would be great but it wouldnt make it to a second series, well unless it followed them around mountjoy?


Monday, December 21, 2009

Boom Boom

Loving these decorations, for each set bought a donation gets made to preventing conflict or something, im not really sure I just thought they were cool, anyways get em HERE


Ahoy Matey

Marco Dapper in Mate Magazine...