Monday, August 23, 2010

Drew Killed It!

Did anybody see Drew Barrymore on last nights Alan Carr's Chatty Man? See looked fucking amazing!

When I saw her coming down the stairs I was like WORK! I dont know if it was a Margiela coat, or just inspired, but it way she looked amazing.

Ive posted before about Drew's style, I have to say she really is one of the best dressed stars in my opinion... At the preimere of Going the Distance, Drew new film, she wore a simple McQ by Alexander McQueen mini with nude heels. Stunning.



Anonymous said...

Drew really did look effortlessly stunning on Chatty Man. I couldn't concentrate on the interview- I was too infatuated with the shoes- any idea where their from? x

Charlotte Wragg said...

I was literally just finding images to blog about drew barrymore myself when I found your blog, we share scarily similiar views on the beautiful drew.

check out my blog?

MJS said...

@charlotte, it's funny that you say that, because i, myself, was just searching for some picture of drew when i stumbled upon this blog. this blog has impeccable taste!

it would mean the world if you took a peek at my blog!