Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bright lights of Brighton

So last Saturday I was lucky enough to have the weekend off work, and as you know when you work full time you really learn how to appreciate a day off. So I got a cheap last minute train ticket down to Brighton.

The best way to describe Brighton, to an Irish reader anyways, is that its just like a more magical version of Salthill, Galway... As you can guess I fell in love after about 2 minutes, I really havn't felt that feeling since I was in New York last summer. That urge to pick up the local paper and start circling cheap apartments.

Anyways Brighton Pride was also on that weekend (two birds, one stone) and it also gave me a chance to meet up with my brilliant friend Aisling, who I've know since our days working on the check-outs in Dunnes Stores Ennis. Fun Fact: I was a fired a week after she was. bastards. Anyways I hadnt seen her in over a year so it's always great to meet up with old friends in nice place.

From here on it just gets messy. It could possible have something to do with Miss Stephanie Von Glitz' arrival, AKA Steven B, my first official new London Friend.

After the Parade the was a big party in the park, lots of dance music (you know how us gays love to dance) and also a Carnival (the gays also like rides. go figure) Everyone was so laid back and relaxed, i talked to so many randomers, and the organisers didnt care about how many cans you brought in with you, as long as you recycled them, it was my kind of (drunken) festival.

After that we did a bit of bar hopping, Steven went all out with a bottle of Moet, which I happily helped him finish, then we danced the night away.

Well until 11 since Aisling and I had to catch a train home, so after 20 minutes dragging Ash like a rag doll up Brighton Hill we made the train just in time.

If you ever get a chance to visit Brighton just GO. Although you may never want to leave.


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