Monday, August 23, 2010

Couldn't help but wonder...

Who doesn't love Chloe Sevigny? Always outspoken, always wonderfully dressed, always just fabulous. And she's a great actress. Her she is for American Elle.

When I saw this editorial I was like, who does she remind me of? Then it clicked, Carrie Bradshaw. I mean back in the day Carrie, fun Carrie, not SATC2 mess of a woman Carrie. Anyways how great would it have been if they recast Chloe as Carrie and started SATC 2.0 instead of making any more movies? Id love it... Well as long as Pat Field was still on board.

Sarah Jessica Parker could play the crazy neighbour in the cookie outfits... She did a pretty good job of it in the last film anyways.


Fun Carrie. We Love her.

Trying to hard Carrie. Seriously. Calm down love.


_Dushka_ said...

Chloe, oh, the things I would do to that girl!
Those shots are fucking amazing!

Anonymous said...

"not SATC2 mess of a woman Carrie"
Love that!