Monday, August 30, 2010

Hair Trends & Mug Shots...

The Plait

"Oh shit I just got arrested for cocaine possession! gimme a second officer, I need a nice side plait in my hair. Okay, Smize and pout! Im ready, take mah picture bitches"

Paris Hilton's 3rd Mug Shot in 4 years... Seriously, this isn't going to do anything but make me like her more...

The One Side

 The Wavey Locks

Can you believe the Simple Life was on 7 years ago! I remember ordering the DVD of (remember that site? Cheap CDs sent from Thailand!) and pretending to be sick so I could stay home and watch it, it really was the best of times. 

And look at Nicole, she kinda reminds of The City's Roxy Olin in this clip, who would have thought in 7 years she'd be married with 2 kids.

 As for Paris, well she's still being arrested. Bless her heart.

Sing it with me nah - SAH NAH SAHHH, SAH NAH SAH, SAH SAH SAH!


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