Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Noemie in 3D

I love Noemie Goudal's use of nature to bring to transform her photography from two dimmentional into 3D works of art. The waterfall especially is stunning...


Bits & Bobs


Make Over

I love these images, ive had them on my hard drive for ages and been meaning to post em up here forever. Anyways I think I came across them on stumble or FFFFound, so Ive no idea who came up with the idea, but I love the simplicity of it.


Float like a butterfly...

Do you like our spoons? So when Ciara and I were at Ikea we picked up a set of Butterfly stickers for like 3 pounds. As usual we had no idea what to do with them, all we knew was that they looked pretty and that was good enough for us.

The sitting room is beyond boring, And the colours, I've no idea who chose em. Anyways we decided this was the room in need of jazzing up...

Stickers before

Stickers after

So here is the wall, all butterflied. It looks good right?

But still it needed a little something...

Like a photo frame. It is no longer just stickers on a wall, but a social commentary on the destruction of Mother Nature at the hands of the human race...

Ok maybe its still just stickers on a wall. But hey, it brightens up the room.

Our wall before. Neutrality headquarters.
The wall after. An explosion of colour and freedom...



Australian magazine Kurv features an editorial inspired by the tale of Salome in it's latest issue. Shot by photographer Giovanni Squatriti, the spread has a very aminalistic narrative.


We missed a few...

We left a few ladies out in the last Emmys post, so now, lets judge these ladies on their talent.

Just Kidding. All I care about is big hair and sequins!

Lets begin.

Toni Collette in Valentino Resort.
Muriel, you got mold growing up your dress... IT"S MARIAL! Either way bitch you look crazy. I kid. I actually kinda like it...

Amber Riley in Melissa Masse.
If you have knockers that big you might as well use em to your advantage.

Paula Abdul in Dolce & Gabbana.
Paula, eat something hun! Your a rake, a crazy rake. Cute dress though.

Lauren Graham in Yigal Azrouël Resort.
Loving this dress, but I really don't think she can pull it off, now put Rory Gilmore in this dress and you're singing...

Naya Rivera in Simin.
I dont know who the fuck Simin is but im guessing hes a big hit with the trannies. Seriously Santana, are you in there? You'd look better in your cheerleading outfit...

Jennifer Carpenter in Oday Shakar.
Perfect! The hair is fierce, totally needed with this type of dress. Love the look.

Glenn Close in something Helen Mirren wouldn't wear.
Love ya Gleen, but no. Just no.

Juliana Margulies in L'Wren Scott.
Can't fault this at all. Work bitch...

Connie Britton in Burberry.
Ive no idea who she is, but according to wikipedia she was on an episode of Spin City, so I'll go with that. Anyways whoever she is, she looking fucking great in this gorgeous Burberry gown, the colour is stunning.

Rita Wilson in Prada.
I can't believe Miuccia let her in this dress. She should be strung up outside Arnotts around Christmas time..

Julia Louis Dreyfus in Narciso Rodriguez.
This bitch is forty fucking nine. 49! She is killing it! Loving the sheer reveal, its not overpowering and looks sexy. And them emerald earrings are opulence personified.

Jayma Mays in Burberry Prorsum
Could she look any cuter! Love this girl, and another fabulous Navy gown from Burberry. Navy really is THE colour this season.

Emily Deschanel in Max Azria Atelier
Shes no Zooey, but she looking great, and im loving the bangs!


All images once again via the fabulous Tom and Lorenzo