Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dear blank, please blank!

Your favorite 'Dear Blank' jokes (from, now available in the form of stationery. Check out the complete collection and buy it here


You Otter Know....

I would like this t-shirt. That is all.


More Arms than an Ard Fheis!

Has anyone seen Thor yet? I caught an early preview of it last week and I very much enjoyed it. It was action packed, a few funny moments, and an entertaining story.

But come on, the main reason we went, or at least the reason I went, was for some Chris Hemsworth hotness. And hot damn is he a fine man. And coming later this summer is Captain america, with more good stuff in the form of Chris Evans.

Anyways I recommend Thor, its a fun ride. Oh except for Natalie Portman, she seemed so not bothered to be in that film at all, all I can assume is that she was mentally drained from Black Swan, when it was time to film this comic book film I bet she was like ugh whatever I need a Vay Kay.


The Box!

These images by Roger Stillman capture the exact moment when an old tube television is shut off, and the light show that is created is just amazing!


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Loose Lips, Sink Ships. Then Get Drawn...

Just as their website states "Anything you tweet may be taken down and coloured in", Illustrating genius Nick Hilditch has been very skilfully drawing what people have been tweeting about, very literally, as you can see from the brilliant drawings above...

You can see more of Nick's great work at his website IRKAFIRKA. (I dont know what it means either)


Daily WIToT

QR CODE - Content-rich Resume from Victor petit on Vimeo.

This is so clever. About ten times a day I say to myself "damn, I wish I thought of that"... (WIToT)

From now on I need to be instead saying, "yes, I thought of that".

Anyways this video is a great example of interesting things that QR Code technology can be used for...


Dame Viv

Vivienne Westwood talks to The Guardian about Punks, Art & education....


Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Well I'm pretty sure its safe to say that any gay worth his gay salt will nodoubtable be at The Palace Theatre, London come June 19th, for an evening of celebrity bashing with everyone favourite ginger fag hag, yes, the one and only Kathy Griffin.

Like I was saying in that last post today was a day full of surprises. One person Im following on twitter casually mentioned he had booked two tickets for Kathy's London show, which was a huge shock as I hadn't even known that she was playing London. Anyways after about an hour of self pity and heartache and repeating "oh, I'd love to go", I decided to just FUCK IT, and go see one of my favourite stand up comediennes. And thats exactly what I did, and lucky when I informed my mate Pa of my intentions he was more than up for it.

So thanks to twitter, the gays, and Aer Lingus, I'll be seeing MRS KATHY in two months! So yes, yesterday was a fucking good day...


Tina the Bossypants

Yesterday for me was a day full of surprises. It all began with the discovery that Tina Fey had a new book out, Bossypants. And being the impatient type that I am, I decided that instead of waiting for Amazon to deliver me the Tina goodness, I'd just head to iTunes and download the audiobook. Yes, I know listening to an audiobook isn't the same as reading an actual book, but I can't think of anything better than Tina Fey reading her audiobook to me. And so far it is a great read, or well, listen is the case may be...


Monday, April 18, 2011

LA has sunny Coachella...

and Ireland has muddy Oxegen. Oh well, heres hoping we get an early September heatwave and Electric Picnic resembles Coachella rather then a halting site, alá Oxegen.

In the mean time lets look at trendy wendy celebrities in revealing outfits...


My invite was probably lost in the mail!

So if I was to say Anna, Andre, Marc and Naomi were all in attendance, the cake had cats on it, and the lady of the hour was flame haired fashion living creative legend, then you would hopefully guess that last weekend saw Vogue's Creative Director, Grace Coddington, celebrate her 70th birthday, yes, 70th.

So Happy Birthday Grace, here's to many many more!


Also I picked up the latest issue of Intelligent Life last week and it it such a great magazine. My iPod died and I was on my way home from Edinburgh (more on that trip later) so I decided to cure my boredom with some good old fashioned reading material. The cover story with Grace is so interesting, and gives a great insight into her fantastic career, and real details how her influence changed the way fashion magazines are styled and produced today.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Its all GO GO GO!

Okay so I know this week music news has been mostly dominated by a fella named Judas and a girl named Gaga. But this week also saw the glorious re-emergence of Santi - formally Santo - Gold! And what is even better Yeah Yeah Yeah's frontwoman Karen-O appears on the new track too.

The new track, called Go, does exactly what it says on the tin... It is all Go, dark and dirty, yet still keeping with Santi's electro vibe, an exciting preview of what to expect of her new sound...


On a side note, this is just ridiculous! Yet it has got everyone talking, so once again, job done Gaga!

Don't call mah name... Alexandra!

Last month my buddy Alan and I ventured off to the Grand Canal Theatre to check out X Factor winner and all round Beyonce wanna be, Miss Alexandra Burke.

To say it was an unusual gig is a bit of an understatement. Firstly i have to be honest and say I am not a Alexandra Burke fun, well, I'll happily drunkenly dance along to Broken Heels, but I wouldn't buy her album. But seeing as my buddy Alan is a die hard Burkie fan, I decided to splash out on a ticket...

The second oddity was the venue, while the Grand Canal Theatre is indeed Grand, it is not the best place for a gig, well for an upbeat gig, seeing as the entire venue was seated. What was worse was the fact that I was seating infront of a group of 11 year girls, and me being 6'3 was probably the last person the wanted to be sitting, and later standing, and later again drunkenly dancing, infront of them...

I was racked with guilt for blocking their view, I assume its annoying, again, I'm 6'3, I usually don't have this problem. Luckily the seats infront of us were free, so the young ladies behind me were more then happy to relocate at my suggestion.

Another problem with the seated gig was while us Irish are all up for the craic, no one wants to be the first one to stand up and boogie! So it was pretty much up to me and Al and our lack of shame to be the first ones on our feet, and seeing as me and Al are two pretty tall lads, us standing up seemed to set of a chain reaction of people behind us.

Having said all that it was a great gig, costume changes, dance routines, hot dancers, and a Destiny's Child megamix (while incidentally was my person highlight of the night)

So my opinions of Miss Burke have changed for the better, she is a dedicated perfomer, sang every song live, and pretty flawlessly at that, and danced her little heart out. At the end of the gig it was pretty apparent why she was crowned X Factor winner two years ago. Now if only more people could become aware of this, next time she might be playing in the 02, instead of the Grand Canal.


Embarrassingly this photo was taken after a 2 glasses of wine!

One Two Tree!

How amazing are these Painted trees by Curtis Kilorn? I love the idea of bringing something back to life, its all very appropriate, seeing as we're coming up to Easter...

Curtis says,

“I have a “thing” for trees and see the relationship between humans and trees to be an ever evolving idea which continues to inspire. The trees that I paint are long dead and weathered by hundreds of years. What I do is bring “life” back to the tree in a completely new way. This tree which was once dead is now vibrantly alive to be noticed by all, no longer blending in with all the other dead trees.”



Has everyone seen Scream 4 yet? Its amazing, I saw it on Friday when it came out, going again tonight. They only way to describe it is when you are at the carnival and you get off a really fun ride and all you want to do is go on it again and again.

Its smart, scary and probably the funniest of the series, sure they're are few corny lines (Bruce Willis I'm looking at you) but on the whole, its a great addition to the series...

Anyways heres the ladies of Scream 4 at last weeks world premier held in Hollywood...