Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Well I'm pretty sure its safe to say that any gay worth his gay salt will nodoubtable be at The Palace Theatre, London come June 19th, for an evening of celebrity bashing with everyone favourite ginger fag hag, yes, the one and only Kathy Griffin.

Like I was saying in that last post today was a day full of surprises. One person Im following on twitter casually mentioned he had booked two tickets for Kathy's London show, which was a huge shock as I hadn't even known that she was playing London. Anyways after about an hour of self pity and heartache and repeating "oh, I'd love to go", I decided to just FUCK IT, and go see one of my favourite stand up comediennes. And thats exactly what I did, and lucky when I informed my mate Pa of my intentions he was more than up for it.

So thanks to twitter, the gays, and Aer Lingus, I'll be seeing MRS KATHY in two months! So yes, yesterday was a fucking good day...


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