Sunday, April 17, 2011

Don't call mah name... Alexandra!

Last month my buddy Alan and I ventured off to the Grand Canal Theatre to check out X Factor winner and all round Beyonce wanna be, Miss Alexandra Burke.

To say it was an unusual gig is a bit of an understatement. Firstly i have to be honest and say I am not a Alexandra Burke fun, well, I'll happily drunkenly dance along to Broken Heels, but I wouldn't buy her album. But seeing as my buddy Alan is a die hard Burkie fan, I decided to splash out on a ticket...

The second oddity was the venue, while the Grand Canal Theatre is indeed Grand, it is not the best place for a gig, well for an upbeat gig, seeing as the entire venue was seated. What was worse was the fact that I was seating infront of a group of 11 year girls, and me being 6'3 was probably the last person the wanted to be sitting, and later standing, and later again drunkenly dancing, infront of them...

I was racked with guilt for blocking their view, I assume its annoying, again, I'm 6'3, I usually don't have this problem. Luckily the seats infront of us were free, so the young ladies behind me were more then happy to relocate at my suggestion.

Another problem with the seated gig was while us Irish are all up for the craic, no one wants to be the first one to stand up and boogie! So it was pretty much up to me and Al and our lack of shame to be the first ones on our feet, and seeing as me and Al are two pretty tall lads, us standing up seemed to set of a chain reaction of people behind us.

Having said all that it was a great gig, costume changes, dance routines, hot dancers, and a Destiny's Child megamix (while incidentally was my person highlight of the night)

So my opinions of Miss Burke have changed for the better, she is a dedicated perfomer, sang every song live, and pretty flawlessly at that, and danced her little heart out. At the end of the gig it was pretty apparent why she was crowned X Factor winner two years ago. Now if only more people could become aware of this, next time she might be playing in the 02, instead of the Grand Canal.


Embarrassingly this photo was taken after a 2 glasses of wine!

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