Thursday, August 18, 2011

Disney Darlings

Covergirl! Put some base in that walk!

Disney Princesses on the cover of Vogue, Id buy an issue!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

VHS Masterpieces!

From Wired UK

Swiss artist Andy Denzler creates paintings that are designed to look like the fuzzy image of a paused VHS recording.

The oil paintings -- mostly portraits of people -- aim to reinterpret photography and film stills. Denzler told "I'm pushing the boundaries and possibilities of abstract and photorealism. It's as if I've pressed the fast-forward on a video machine, then hit the pause button, so reality comes to a stand-still. I speed up and slow down the colours. What remains is a distorted moment -- classically painted, oil on canvas -- which, upon closer inspection is very abstract, but from distance looks real."

He first got into the technique in art school where he worked a lot with audio-visual gear. He said: "One day when I was experimenting with abstract composition, I saw colour fields appear on the canvas, like what you get with long exposure times on photography. The effect was as if something was hovering beneath the surface of the paint."

He has been honing the technique in both colour and black-and-white over the last 10 years. In the monochrome pieces, the effect resembles the "snow" of old black-and-white televisions from the 1960s.

According to Denzler, his main challenge is creating a "painting that describes the every day and the monstrous simultaneously" and the "believability of the image".

Great idea huh?



Graphic designer Simon Cook has teamed up scarf designer Lucy Jay to create an unusual series of pocket handkerchiefs... They're like M.I.A meets the blitz!

They are priced at £24 pounds each and available from Simon's website, Stone & Spear...


via CR Blog

How a Rollercoaster is Made!

All of my friends know that when it comes to Theme Parks, Fun Fairs, Carnivals, I'm always the one this is nagging them to come along... I love the rush, the white-knuckle thrill, and yes, even the tacky dance music and flashing light...

I came across a really interesting article on ThemePark Tourist, about Thorpe Park's plans to build a new rollercoaster, The Swarm. Set in a post apocolypitic setting, the £18 Million coaster is set to make its debut in 2012.

From initial coaster design, to posters, to the logo, to set decorations, like the crashed helicopters and ambulances, it really is a fascinating process to see how a rollercoaster comes to life.


Little Brother

They say in advertising that you need to THINK BIG, but try telling that to the ad men (and women) at Channel 4, they've never been ones to follow the crowd...

Their latest reality series, Seven Dwarves, follows the lives of seven little people, during the Christmas panto season, a veritable Little Brother if you will.

So to prove that bigger is not always better, pint sized billboards have been erected around London to advertise the show. It may be small, but you can't deny its not effective. Which I a nice way to sum up a show about little people.

Seven Dwarves starts tonight, 16th of August, at 9PM on Channel 4.


Via C4Insider

Sweet Dreams...

For the chocoholic insomniac inside all of us!


Potter Switch Up!

How great are these? I'm not a huge Harry Potter fan, but I definitely enjoyed the last films, even though I was awfully bewildered as to what actually was happening...

Anyways what if Dan Radcliff had been cast the evil Draco, and Tom Felton and the all good Harry Potter?

Dan makes a pretty sexy Slytherin right?


Brick by Brick

When it comes to awesomely iconic things, they don't come more awesomely iconic than the VW Campervan, or at least they didn't. What come be more awesome than an Lego VW van? I'm not really sure!

With 1,300 pieces I imagine it to be a challenge to assemble, but totally worth it...


via the wonderful Design Fetish

Monday, August 15, 2011

Gleek Chic!

Scrub up nicely don't they? The stars of Glee get all dolled uo for the latest issue of Vogue Magazine, I have a feeling that Chris Colfer was particularly delighted for this shoot...


DIY & Art History too...

So when I was in Edinburgh a few months back (how terrible is it that I cant even remember what month?) I was lucky enough to see the Eduardo Paolozzi exhibition, at the Museum of Modern Art, Paolozzi himself was born just outside Edinburgh, contrary to what his name may suggest...

Although he is most famously know for his sculpture works, Paolozzi played a vital role in the beginning days of the British Pop Art movement, with his own Pop Culture collage works, and most notable inspiring Richard Hamilton's collages...

Hamilton's Just What Is It That Makes Today's Homes So Different, So Appealing?

At the Museum's giftshop there was a selection of Paolozzi postcards, so decided to buy the lot, I was unsure as to what I'd do with them, but I knew I wanted them...

And here they are, several months later, with a few frames from the Euro2 store, hanging on my wall, a subtle sulute to favourite time in art history...


Drew Vs. The Runway!

The Fabulous Tom & Lorenzo have profiled Drew Barrymore's Neiman Marcus' campaign against the runway looks, its its pretty clear that Ms. Barrymore comes out on top...

She is one of the most stylish women alive, partly due to her strong personal style, a little bit rock and roll, but always classy and clean


“Neiman Marcus’ The Art of Fashion campaign features Drew Barrymore as the model. Shot by famed photographer, Norman Jean Roy, the photo shoot features the iconic Barrymore in high-concept imagery evoking the style of mid-century Hollywood studio portraiture.

The first Neiman Marcus Art of Fashion campaign appeared in 1994. At the time it was a revolutionary step for a retailer as the campaign was designed to feature cutting edge fashion, provocative photography and unique styling.
Today the Art of Fashion campaign adds a new chapter with its partnership with Drew Barrymore. Ms. Barrymore is featured wearing a variety of top designers from Neiman Marcus.

“The team at Neiman Marcus wanted to evolve the Art of Fashion by pairing up with a celebrated face and photographer. We felt that Drew Barrymore possessed not only the pedigree and glamour of old Hollywood, but also the confidence and spirit of the modern-day woman – much like Neiman Marcus itself. The project was a collaborative effort between Norman Jean Roy and Ms. Barrymore, and beautifully captures the essence of Neiman Marcus’ edits of the Fall collections,” said Eddie Nunns, Vice President of Neiman Marcus Brand Creative.

The Art of Fashion shoot will debut in The Book by Neiman Marcus and will appear in the September issues of Vanity Fair, Vogue and W. Additionally, Vanity Fair will feature a digital campaign of The Art of Fashion designed specifically for ipads.”