Monday, August 15, 2011

A Very Gaga Christmas

Is there anything shes not doing? I go very up and down with Gaga, sometimes, like when listening to Edge of Glory, I love her, and other times, like when shes releasing songs via FarmVille, not so much.

But this is an idea I can get onboard with, Barney's New York have enlisted Gaga to creative a Santa's Workshop for the Holiday season... Haus of Gaga will also help with the project, which includes a small gift item, to which 25% of the profits will go to a charity of Gaga's choice, which is very commendable!

In other Gaga news I must say I have been thoroughly enjoying her latest reinvention, as a high society rich bitch... Lately she's been rocking the Versace to a tee!

I'll give her this, she always keeps us talking...


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