Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Riverfest

Yesterday I got the chance to check out the Limerick Riverfest, it's an annual event held every year in Limerick, and this year it was a much bigger event due to Limerick also being this year's City of Culture. 

Another highlight was the chance to check out Kilkenny photographers Richard Mosse. Both his large scale photographs and his film piece, The Enclave, have been in Limerick as part of the City of Culture. 

Finally we finished the day checking out the BBQ festival. It was great to see such a variety of foods and different cultures on offer. 

Nice to see Limerick emerging as an exciting city again. Lots going on for the City of Culture and many more events planned for the summer months. 


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Back with a WHAM Bang!

After being quite for far too long I am making my return to the blog. 

If anyone reading this has tried keeping their own blog they'll know the struggles that come along with it. A blog is meant to be something fun and exciting but sometimes it can feel like a task rather than a fun pastime.

So instead of setting myself deadline like I used to in the past, I'll just be blogging about things that excite me and that I want to share with my readers. That might be daily, or just once a month. 

So I'm not gonna promise that I won't go quite again. But I can say that I'm invigorated and I've a lot of exciting projects coming up that I'm looking forward to sharing who you guys. 


PS check out my new home office