Tuesday, March 30, 2010

If You Dont Like it, Fuck You!

Her words, not mine! Christina is back, and she's not herself. I'm really feeling the new track, what do you think?


Massive Attack!

I'm loving this new track from Nicki Minaj, shes like the new Lil' Kim. I wonder a tom tom is thought? Its probably something to do with being Crunk'd!


Wakka Wakka Wakka

Saturn's moon, Mimas (which also looks just like Darth Vadar's Death Star), is a hungry fella. I think this moon should be renamed Pac-Moon.


X-Ray Spex

Matthias Vriens-McGrath continues to impress with his latest editorial in Numero Magazine. Its really cool to see effects like this being used for a high fashion editorial. Its a great change from seeing girls in pretty dresses in old country manors anyways.


(via Homotography)

Is this a joke?

Seriously? This looks like it fell out of the Sunday World! I was thinking the designers were going for that retro Jackie annual kinda feel, but now I'm just thinking its plain crap.


Monday, March 29, 2010

Before you, my whole life was Acapella

Wahey the new Kelis video is here. And it's really good. and it includes her baby boy who has the cutest little feet. Anyways watch it below. Can't wait for Flesh Tones.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

I do, I do, I do!

How cute is this? Bet the wedding was amazing too!

(Click on the image to see it bigger)


lets find a nice helvetica...

This is so true. I'm a total font snob. I wouldn't eat at a Thai place in San Diego cause of their horrible Papyrus signage! Any restaurant that uses Papyrus is gonna give food poisoning. Im tellin' ya!


The future...CS5

Seriously? This is gonna make my job so much easier in the future. Ok so I know you've probably seen this video already but it really is amazing to see what them clever folks at Adobe have come up with. Content Aware Fill. The future. On the minus side this may lead to either alot of lazy designers or just gonna put us all outta business. Either way it's all kinds of amazing.


Friday, March 26, 2010

As Good as Gold!

Marketing Genius! Magnum has teamed up with the new Bryan Singer flick, As Good as Gold, and created one of the best viral campaigns I've seen in a long time! Its simple, upload a picture of your face and become part of the trailer. They even put you on the movie poster! You can check me out in my trailer HERE.


Mass Will Now Take Place in Thomond Park

Limerick next Friday so yeah? Great that the Catholic Church's vice grip on Ireland is slowly loosening.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lady Gaga? theres an App for that

So its official. There is nothing you can't do with an iPhone. Check out this Korean Gaga wannabe and what she can do with 4 iPhones. Its pretty impressive.



How cute are these? All from the brilliant blog EAT DRINK CHIC, the blog gives excellent tutorials and ideas on all thing pretty basically. Such fun.


Kelis goes animal

Kelis has released a tiny teaser (seriously tiny, its like 9 seconds) for the video for Acapella. You can see a longer teaser clip at Kelis' website www.iamkelis.com Directed by superstar photographer and founder of Dazed & Confused magazine, Rankin. The video has a total tribal neon vibe to it, its looks pretty fucking cool. The video premieres Monday, March 29th.


Christina the Terminator

Christina Aguilera reveled the album art for her fourth coming album, Bionic. The lead single of the album, Not Myself Tonight, will be released on March 30th. Which happens to be my birthday! Awesome.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Orange you glad I didn't say apple.

I think Orange and the colour Purple should hook up and be non rhymers together!


Its Easy, hard as it looks...

I love Dragonette, and the album, Fixin' To Thrill, is so good, and really under appreciated. Anyways one of my favorite tracks, Easy, is being released as a single. Check it out above.


Electric Picnic 2010

Electric Picnic 2009 from Electric Picnic on Vimeo.

Ok lets break it down kids!

Roxy Music

Left Field (Picnic has this thing of getting acts that were relevant 20 years ago, broke up, reformed and now put on half the show they would have done in their hay-day. It's like when Bob Dylan plays the Marquee in Cork, he should have been there back in the 70's when he was cool. Not 30 years later playing to the children of your original fans, who are only going to see your show because you might be dead next time)

The Frames (Ok who hasn't seen The Frames live by now. I've seen them 3 times.)

John Lydon (You sell butter now, and you were terrible Picnic 08)

LCD Sound System (Amazing at Picnic 07, but been there, seen that)

Imelda May (I love the May, I would happily see her set)

PIL (Public Image Limited) (Who wants to see these geriatrics on stage!)

Hot Chip (Again Ive seen them at Picnic twice. Both times the crowd was very confused to hear their low-fi album tracks. Its a festival, they came for the hits.)

Massive Attack (Saw em, good show if your coming down.)

The National

Modest Mouse (Heard them at Picnic 07, they had them on in one of the smaller tents that of course had people flooding out of.)

Mumford and Sons

Seasick Steve (I love the Steve, I saw him at the Roisin in Galway so I'd go see him again)

Gil Scott Heron

The Waterboys (Again, another cool band that were great back in their day, but not relevant at all now)

Fat Freddy’s Drop

Bad Lieutenant

Afro Celt Sound System

Booka Shade

Jonsi (I would go see Jonsi, Sigor Ros front man, espically after his cover of MGMT's Time to Pretend on Radio 1's Live Lounge)

Steve Earle ( I HATE GALWAY GIRL! So no)

Paul Brady

Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77 (ONE TWO WHOOP WHOOP! I would love to see the Beetroot boys, they'd be cool)

Fever Ray (Another act thats high on my list of people to go see, its all kinda depends on her time slot. Should be amazing though)

Low Anthem

New Pornographers


Adrian Crowley

Messiah J and the Expert

The Big Pink (They have one song. Dominos. Which is now totally overlplayed)

The Horrors (I liked the Horrors back in 07, but really havn't heard anything from them since)

The Alarm

808 State

Redneck Manifesto (Ok who hasn't seen these lads live before?)


Liquid Liquid

Here We Go Magic

Field Music

Steve Mason


Dublin Gospel Choir (Everyone likes to go see them on the Sunday morning. Oh and my mate totally shagged the lead singer. What would Jesus say?)



Breakestra & Chali 2 Na

Mr Scruff (I love the Scruff, his set would be cool)

Memory Tap (who?)

And thats about it. I won't be going. It's always a great weekend but €240 is a lot of money. Might check out Bestival or Isle of Wight instead. Oh and the promotional video only makes me wish I had gone to Picnic last year, didn't make me excited about this year at all.

Well if you are getting tickets, which go on sale Friday @ 9AM, have a great weekend! And just go with the flow, that's what Picnic is all about.


We'll never let you fall apart, Diana you're still in our hearts!

When I was younger I wouldn't eat my dinner until my Mother told me it was a volcano. Seriously this went on every dinnertime til I was about 7. Anyways how funny are these Diana plates? You can see more at EATING OFF THE PEOPLE'S PRINCESS


(thanks Ebby)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Alejandro gets a director

Just weeks after releasing her nineand-a-half-minute “Telephone” music video, Lady Gaga is already on to the next.

The pop star is said to have enlisted fashion photographer Steven Klein to direct the video for “Alejandro,” the upcoming third single off her 2008 album, “The Fame Monster.” Known primarily for his celebrity and editorial work for French and Italian Vogue, Details and W magazine (including the Madonna shoots and the July 2005 issue featuring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as a Sixties family), Klein has dabbled in video in recent years, directing a handful of commercials and short fashion fi lms and collaborating with Madonna on the background videos for her 2004 and 2006 concert tours.

While the choice of Klein is a departure for Gaga, who has opted for music-video vets such as Jonas Akerlund (“Telephone” and “Paparazzi”) and Francis Lawrence (“Bad Romance”) in the past, it makes a certain sense — “Alejandro” is about a tumultuous breakup and Klein is great at depicting sexual tension — just ask Brangelina.

(via WWD)

Are you excited? I Love the Klein! His shoots are always hyper sexual and I can definitely see the two of them working well together. At the concert when Gaga sang Alejandro she was in a church style setting with a silver angel statue that exploded with fireworks. So something like that? Although as its Gaga, we all know predictability isn't her thing.


Your Love is Bittersweet!

I love the SEB! The new album, Straight To The Heart, is slated to come out around Summer time. Can't wait. And if your heading out tonight, Jodie Harsh's remix will definitely get you in the dancing mood. Check it out below.


This is it!

So if your a fan of Christina Aguilera, then you'll know that she had a countdown clock on her website since the weekend announcing that something would be reviled today. And this is it! Or my first impression, "Is this it?". But the clock has been restarted so we can only assume that something else will be reviled tomorrow. Either that or Christina got the Lost Complete Collection boxset for Christmas, and the show has been giving her ideas.

As for the artwork itself, its not bad. Its not amazing. The messy type is kinda old. Maybe thats the look and feel of the forthcoming sound. Still having said all that I can't wait to hear some new music off Bionic.



That is all. Hey no one ever said this blog was smart.


Right Hand High. Left one too!

I have really loved Kid Sister's style since I heard her back in the day when she was on Sinden & the Count's Beeber track (remember that? Hit me on mah beeber, beeber, beeber.) And last year she had one of the best Summer jams, Right Hand High. And now shes back with even more great music. Above is Day Dreaming taken from her album Ultra Violet. And it's very very good!


Monday, March 22, 2010

The Grudge! Part 3!

Japanese people are really terrified of little girls aren't they?


That looks so real!

How amazing are these... well I don't know what to call them? Paint instillations? The artist, Alexa Meade, paints directly on to her subjects, whether they be furniture, clothing or people. Overall the effect is fantastic. You can see more of Alexa's work HERE.


(via PantiBlog)

Take It Take It, Baby Baby

This remix is bananas! Rihanna's Rude Boy remixed by the Vodka & Milk boys. Chooon!


(thanks to The Miseducation for the heads up)

Zombie Prevention 101

I've posted about his work loads before on WHAM but I just dig it so much. OLLY MOSS is my favour current designer, everything looks so effortless, yet always so intelligently done. Anyways above is a poster for Capcom Gaming all about zombie prevention.


Op to it!

So I'm doing this project for Dublin Culture Night, which takes place September 24th. Anyways I was originally going to do something with mad make-up and feathers and beads, something really tribal and ethnic looking. So when I showed my design lecturer my mood boards he said "gay parade". I know! Cheek. So I looked at it again and now I'm thinking of doing something kinda Op Art inspired. I've been researching it and now I'm so dizzy. I'll let ye know how the final piece looks.