Sunday, March 14, 2010

Champagne & Shenanigans

So last Wednesday I went along to Karma (a nightclub in Athlone) as they were announcing the winner of a design competition they had been running for the past month. The brief was pretty simple, in the club they have a partition that the put up on most weeknights when the club is quite. There are six display boards on this partition, each 4 foot by 8 foot. We were asked to design something for these boards that keep in theme with the club. The prize for the competition was pretty good, a new Mac laptop worth a grand. My plan was to win, take the money then move to New York.

My decision to enter was last minute, I literally did it the night before. I had used gold frames before for a project and I loved the Kitschy look. My idea was big gold frames on pattern wallpaper. The wallpaper is keeping with the theme of the club, I used martini glasses, beer bottles and shot glasses to create different and abstract patterns. The jigsaw style type in the frames was inspired by Original Source packaging, which I happen to have lots of in my bathroom.

Overall I wanted the boards to look like something you would see in a gallery or fancy estate house that had been vandalised or graffitied over. The colours are keeping with the colour scheme of the Club. Overall I was pretty happy with how they turned out, I just wish I had started sooner so I would have had more time to spend on them.

So the later on in the night the winners were announced, my buddy Sean (they guy in the last picture with his underpants on his head) came third. As for first and second they don't matter cause it wasn't me. But we ended up having a great night. Sean won a bottle of champagne, my mate James took part in a Karma Sutra Sex Position Competition and I just got drunk. Well done again to Sean who came 3rd.


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