Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Electric Picnic 2010

Electric Picnic 2009 from Electric Picnic on Vimeo.

Ok lets break it down kids!

Roxy Music

Left Field (Picnic has this thing of getting acts that were relevant 20 years ago, broke up, reformed and now put on half the show they would have done in their hay-day. It's like when Bob Dylan plays the Marquee in Cork, he should have been there back in the 70's when he was cool. Not 30 years later playing to the children of your original fans, who are only going to see your show because you might be dead next time)

The Frames (Ok who hasn't seen The Frames live by now. I've seen them 3 times.)

John Lydon (You sell butter now, and you were terrible Picnic 08)

LCD Sound System (Amazing at Picnic 07, but been there, seen that)

Imelda May (I love the May, I would happily see her set)

PIL (Public Image Limited) (Who wants to see these geriatrics on stage!)

Hot Chip (Again Ive seen them at Picnic twice. Both times the crowd was very confused to hear their low-fi album tracks. Its a festival, they came for the hits.)

Massive Attack (Saw em, good show if your coming down.)

The National

Modest Mouse (Heard them at Picnic 07, they had them on in one of the smaller tents that of course had people flooding out of.)

Mumford and Sons

Seasick Steve (I love the Steve, I saw him at the Roisin in Galway so I'd go see him again)

Gil Scott Heron

The Waterboys (Again, another cool band that were great back in their day, but not relevant at all now)

Fat Freddy’s Drop

Bad Lieutenant

Afro Celt Sound System

Booka Shade

Jonsi (I would go see Jonsi, Sigor Ros front man, espically after his cover of MGMT's Time to Pretend on Radio 1's Live Lounge)

Steve Earle ( I HATE GALWAY GIRL! So no)

Paul Brady

Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77 (ONE TWO WHOOP WHOOP! I would love to see the Beetroot boys, they'd be cool)

Fever Ray (Another act thats high on my list of people to go see, its all kinda depends on her time slot. Should be amazing though)

Low Anthem

New Pornographers


Adrian Crowley

Messiah J and the Expert

The Big Pink (They have one song. Dominos. Which is now totally overlplayed)

The Horrors (I liked the Horrors back in 07, but really havn't heard anything from them since)

The Alarm

808 State

Redneck Manifesto (Ok who hasn't seen these lads live before?)


Liquid Liquid

Here We Go Magic

Field Music

Steve Mason


Dublin Gospel Choir (Everyone likes to go see them on the Sunday morning. Oh and my mate totally shagged the lead singer. What would Jesus say?)



Breakestra & Chali 2 Na

Mr Scruff (I love the Scruff, his set would be cool)

Memory Tap (who?)

And thats about it. I won't be going. It's always a great weekend but €240 is a lot of money. Might check out Bestival or Isle of Wight instead. Oh and the promotional video only makes me wish I had gone to Picnic last year, didn't make me excited about this year at all.

Well if you are getting tickets, which go on sale Friday @ 9AM, have a great weekend! And just go with the flow, that's what Picnic is all about.


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