Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Alejandro gets a director

Just weeks after releasing her nineand-a-half-minute “Telephone” music video, Lady Gaga is already on to the next.

The pop star is said to have enlisted fashion photographer Steven Klein to direct the video for “Alejandro,” the upcoming third single off her 2008 album, “The Fame Monster.” Known primarily for his celebrity and editorial work for French and Italian Vogue, Details and W magazine (including the Madonna shoots and the July 2005 issue featuring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as a Sixties family), Klein has dabbled in video in recent years, directing a handful of commercials and short fashion fi lms and collaborating with Madonna on the background videos for her 2004 and 2006 concert tours.

While the choice of Klein is a departure for Gaga, who has opted for music-video vets such as Jonas Akerlund (“Telephone” and “Paparazzi”) and Francis Lawrence (“Bad Romance”) in the past, it makes a certain sense — “Alejandro” is about a tumultuous breakup and Klein is great at depicting sexual tension — just ask Brangelina.

(via WWD)

Are you excited? I Love the Klein! His shoots are always hyper sexual and I can definitely see the two of them working well together. At the concert when Gaga sang Alejandro she was in a church style setting with a silver angel statue that exploded with fireworks. So something like that? Although as its Gaga, we all know predictability isn't her thing.


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