Saturday, August 29, 2009

C is back!!!

Such an amazing summer, i would even go as far as saying it might have been my best so far!!My best moment has definitely been working in Shawbrook . It is such an incredible place with so many amazing people coming and going!! 5 weeks of dancing each week there are 22 new dancers and 2 new teachers.
Week 1
Anica Louw the best boss ever

Chantal McCormick from Fidget Feet
who thought me this

and this!!
and then Chantal and her husband Jym who is so talented(he djs the whole show live with his own music, he just brought out his bands album called invoke i have a signed copy you can her clips of it in this video!!) invited me over to see their show Raw in Edinburgh which was just amazing!! Cant wait for Snow Queen at Christmas!!

Week 2
Cara Louise O shea, brillant jazz teacher! Sophie Bailey, she s tough but man is she funny!!
Week 3
Olivia Pickford multi-talented lady!!

Eleesha Dreenan i could not take my eyes off her she is an amazingly talented contemporary dancer.
all out great characters!!!!

Week 4
Maria and Ishmael Lorenzo and there family!! Dont have any pictures of them but Ishmael is a professional photographer. His work is breathtaking!

Week 5
Keith-Derrick Randolph
Dominique Cardito

Their piece was just brillant!! I'd love to put up the video i have of itt but id have to ask allthe dancers permission so i cant..... but it was brillant!
And this all happens in Co Longford in Shawbrook

Monday, August 17, 2009

Lily Allen - 22

What the fuck goes on in the girls toilets at night? actually im not sure i want to know.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Anyone thinking of placement?

This is a really cool article i found on CR Blog, well actually its more of a question and people leave their answers. Anyways if your a design student you might find it interesting... read the article HERE


2 of my favorite things...

Pizza and saving the planet!

So my good friend Pat is a big hippy and is going to save the planet and keeps nagging on at me to become a hippy too and thats not gonna happen but i love him to bits so im gonna try! like plugging out my phone charger and stuff like that. and im gonna spread the word about awesome things like this pizza box! seriously someone should call Dominos!


UpsideDown Flowers! Hurray!

I love seeing really good design, it always makes me imagine what my apartment is gonna look like and what im gonna put in it! This ceiling plant from Patrick Morris might be hanging from the bathroom ceiling, or the studio. maybe ill buy two!


A Real Magic Marker!

Its all so simple. well kinda.

Color Picker is an innovative design of a concept pen that can scan colors from anything around and instantly use the color for drawing. After placing the pen against an object, the user just presses the scan button. The color is being detected by the color sensor and the RGB cartridge of the pen mixes the required inks to create the target color. This superb device will help people to observe the changing colors of nature. With color picker, all range of artists will be able to cerate a more sensorial and visual insight of their surrounding nature’s colors.

and there you have it, no more pencil cases in the future! I wonder if people got excited like this when magic marker came out first?


Cloud 9? more like Cloud 2009!

How fucking great is technology? well magnets anyways! The cloud sofa part is supported by magnetics from the metal base... when i open my studio these are gonna be in the waiting room!


Billboards + No Logic = Big Buzz

Like everyone else ive no fucking clue what the new Diesel campaign is about! but like everyone else im talking about it too. so im guessing that was their plan, and it totally worked!


High Line

God I wish Ireland had more cool stuff in it? I always wonder what the tourists do when they come here? like theres only so many castles you can look at! Anyways above is a new park that opened in New York last month, called High Line.

Its pretty amazing, the park is an old abandoned railway line that stopped running 30 years ago. All the plantation and design of the park are based on the naturally occurring plant life that sprung up when trains stopped running.

Here's the before picture

pretty cool huh?


Fucking PETA

I cant believe PETA are using swine flu, and the fact that lots of people are sick and some are dying, to try and get people to become vegetarians! Its a choice being a vegetarian dont scare people into it ye fucking hippies!


Blame Robert Pattinson!

Lady Gaga looking, well, naked in the new issue of Out magazing, shot by Ellen Von Unwerth. Everyones gone vampire crazy lately!


Saturday, August 15, 2009

ANTM is Gone

I dying over this ad for america's next top model! it for an australian network, america would never have an advert this bold (or clever) on a billboard!



have you ever read an entire book in one day? before reading Perry Moore's Hero, the only book i had ever read in one day was Paris Hilton's confessions of an heiress, which wasn't hard considering it was nothing but pictures of her! (side note: I was 16 at the time, give me a break)

So anyways i've been doing a good bit of reading this summer, Chuck Palahniuk's Choke, which was fucking awesome, I re-read Brett Easton Ellis' Rules of Attraction cause I would give anything to go to Camden, and Margaret Cho's book. I picked that up after so random old gay gentleman said it was good and i didnt want to be rude so i bought it. Anyways what was I sayin? Oh yeah so I was doin heaps of reading and I had read online about how Stan Lee, creator of SpiderMan, The X-Men, DareDevil and shitloads more, had optioned a book about a gay teenager with superpower. So as you can imagine after hearing the words gay and superpowers I thought to myself okay im in!

So the book is pretty much flawless, its funny, imaginative, heartbreaking, touching, and thats just the first chapter. The characters are descibed so vividly in the book, each one so well developed throughout the book its hard not to care about each of them.

And then theres our HERO, Thom Creed, a gay teenager who has a weakness for cowboys and chest hair! after I read that part i was like omg were soulmates! plus he wouldnt be a regular gay teen without father issues.

I dont want to share anymore of the book, cause ill just get carrier away and end up typing the whole thing out, all I can say is whether your gay, straight or taken you'll ready enjoy this book!

you can buy the book on Amazon or im sure Easons has it...

The author, Perry Moore, is a big time movie producer too, he produced The Lion, The Which and The Wardrobe, which means hes probably friends with Tilda Swinton! Which makes me love him even more! His website has a really interesting interview with him too thats worth a read.


Monday, August 10, 2009


Hi guys, D here, me and C are back on the blog and baby we're ready to go! Im still in San Diego, going to New York on the 19th then back home the 25th! Its all goin so fast...

So on Saturday I had one of the greatest nights of my life when i got to go see No Doubt, it was such a good show then for the finale they did Adam & The Ant's Stand and Deliver, and then this happend...

Yes thats right, Shirley FUCKING Manson came out on stage and I nearly fainted, I actually went weak at the knees, I always loved No Doubt when I was younger, but Garbage were always my favorite teen angst band! So seeing Shirley live on stage, and looking fucking amazing was pretty special.

The Sounds opened for ND and they also sang with them, the band dressed up as No Doubt which was pretty cool and their set at the start of the gig was pretty solid so im definitly gonna check out more of their stuff...

So to sum up, August 8th was a pretty fucking good night!