Saturday, August 29, 2009

C is back!!!

Such an amazing summer, i would even go as far as saying it might have been my best so far!!My best moment has definitely been working in Shawbrook . It is such an incredible place with so many amazing people coming and going!! 5 weeks of dancing each week there are 22 new dancers and 2 new teachers.
Week 1
Anica Louw the best boss ever

Chantal McCormick from Fidget Feet
who thought me this

and this!!
and then Chantal and her husband Jym who is so talented(he djs the whole show live with his own music, he just brought out his bands album called invoke i have a signed copy you can her clips of it in this video!!) invited me over to see their show Raw in Edinburgh which was just amazing!! Cant wait for Snow Queen at Christmas!!

Week 2
Cara Louise O shea, brillant jazz teacher! Sophie Bailey, she s tough but man is she funny!!
Week 3
Olivia Pickford multi-talented lady!!

Eleesha Dreenan i could not take my eyes off her she is an amazingly talented contemporary dancer.
all out great characters!!!!

Week 4
Maria and Ishmael Lorenzo and there family!! Dont have any pictures of them but Ishmael is a professional photographer. His work is breathtaking!

Week 5
Keith-Derrick Randolph
Dominique Cardito

Their piece was just brillant!! I'd love to put up the video i have of itt but id have to ask allthe dancers permission so i cant..... but it was brillant!
And this all happens in Co Longford in Shawbrook

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