Saturday, August 15, 2009


have you ever read an entire book in one day? before reading Perry Moore's Hero, the only book i had ever read in one day was Paris Hilton's confessions of an heiress, which wasn't hard considering it was nothing but pictures of her! (side note: I was 16 at the time, give me a break)

So anyways i've been doing a good bit of reading this summer, Chuck Palahniuk's Choke, which was fucking awesome, I re-read Brett Easton Ellis' Rules of Attraction cause I would give anything to go to Camden, and Margaret Cho's book. I picked that up after so random old gay gentleman said it was good and i didnt want to be rude so i bought it. Anyways what was I sayin? Oh yeah so I was doin heaps of reading and I had read online about how Stan Lee, creator of SpiderMan, The X-Men, DareDevil and shitloads more, had optioned a book about a gay teenager with superpower. So as you can imagine after hearing the words gay and superpowers I thought to myself okay im in!

So the book is pretty much flawless, its funny, imaginative, heartbreaking, touching, and thats just the first chapter. The characters are descibed so vividly in the book, each one so well developed throughout the book its hard not to care about each of them.

And then theres our HERO, Thom Creed, a gay teenager who has a weakness for cowboys and chest hair! after I read that part i was like omg were soulmates! plus he wouldnt be a regular gay teen without father issues.

I dont want to share anymore of the book, cause ill just get carrier away and end up typing the whole thing out, all I can say is whether your gay, straight or taken you'll ready enjoy this book!

you can buy the book on Amazon or im sure Easons has it...

The author, Perry Moore, is a big time movie producer too, he produced The Lion, The Which and The Wardrobe, which means hes probably friends with Tilda Swinton! Which makes me love him even more! His website has a really interesting interview with him too thats worth a read.


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