Saturday, March 13, 2010

ShatMyself Island

Has anyone seen Martin Scorsese's latest film Shutter Island yet? I went in having heard nothing about the film, havn't even seen the trailer, all I'd seen was the poster and expected some sort of action film, with Leonardo DiCaprio running around blowing up things. I was very wrong. Listen to the above music. Its part of the film soundtrack. Imagine that for 2 and half hours. So it turns out that Shutter Island is not just a silly action film, but a very intense and equally scary psychological thriller that has had me on edge since I left the cinema yesterday.

Having said all that I adored the film, it is amazing piece of work. Everything comes together perfectly, the sets and locations are wonderfully chosen, the 1950's costumes could rival Man Men, and the special effects are very subtle and very rarely used in Scorsese's films, but they ad so much to the story.

Above I posted Krzysztof Penderecki's Symphony no.3 (IV. Passacaglia. Allegro Moderato) and that is a very clear indication to what the rest of the film's amazing soundtrack is like. The music is brilliant, almost like another character in the film. I should also let you know I saw the film with my buddy Conway, who is prone to anxiety and who had a hoodie over her head for half the film. She told me after that was the most intense music she'd ever heard in a film. DUN. DUN. DUN.

Michelle Williams is in the film too, and shes plays her role so perfectly. What was so great about the film is, it is so visually beautiful it counter acts the horror that is unfolding onscreen. I remember think "wow the colours in Michelle William's yellow print dress is amazing" while something terrible was happening. Same with scenes in the mental institution, the lighting and cinematography is just so fantastic that it lures you into a scene of false security then BAMB, Scorsese rips the floor out from under ya!

The film is really, really great. Just be aware of what type of film you are going to see, and just enjoy the ride.



(see isn't Michelle's dress nice)

(and there's a hot shower scene with Leo too)

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