Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Rodarte Boots - Art Attack Style

I found this over on Caroline's Blog, and I though some of you ladies would be interested. Those Rodarte boots are amazing, but I can only imagine the price tag.


1/Grab yourself a pair of over the knee or thigh high boots.
Caroline suggests buying sheets of faux leather by the meter; but we would even say that genuine leather off-cuts are a great idea, and would add a touch of quality and authenticity.
2/Whether you choose faux or real, simply cut the leather in strips about 4cms wide and 150cms long.
3/You can fold the strips in half, or fold both edges under, to make them neater.
4/Then, wind one strip at a time around the boots. Caroline's method is simply to tie regular knots and then cover over each knot with the next strip; but if you want a more permanent solution you could also try gluing or stitching them on

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