Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Who Run The World?

Obviously that it as rhetorical question, because everyone knows that it is Queen B, who runs the world...

When I heard that a female global superstar would be headlining one of the nights of Oxegen, I knew straight away that a) It was going to be Beyonce, and b) I had to be there! Mostly because I'm almost sure that after the Summer Jay-Z is gonna knock her up, and she won't be touring again for a few years, so I figured lets go she her whilst I still can.

Her set at Oxegen was spectacular. Her voice carried over the enormous crowd, and kept her legions of fans entertained all throughout her set.

The set itself was a fantastic mix of anthems, ballads, and heritage, as she belted out some of Destiny's Child's greatest hits, much to the delight of her fans, myself included. As a performer she is like no other. From complex dance routines, to her crowd interaction and participation (To the left, to the left!) she is top of her game.
(She also seemed to be genuinely bemused, and somewhat flattered by the 60k crowd chanting "Whoop, DAT ASS!")

Admittedly after the show my only regret was that I hadn't watched her at Glastonbury three weeks earlier, while she was equally incredible both night, the setlist was pretty much the same, so her show to me wasn't as surprising, as to someone who hadn't seen any of her previous Summer performances. Someone like my mate Alan, who turned to be at the beginning of every song, to tell me the title. "Single Ladies", "Girls", "Jumpin' Jumpin'", "SURVIVOR!". I was like I know Alan, calm down love...

Even material from her new album, 4, had the audience spellbound, and impressively singing along to Best Thing I Never Had, and entranced as she sang 1+1.

I don't know much about AL-GER-BRUH either Beyonce, but I do know you put on one hell of a show at Oxegen, 2011...


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