Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ebony Bones!

I fucking Love Ebony Bones. Me and my mates stumbled into her tent at like 2 in the morning at Electric Picnic 07 and it was the best gig i saw the entire festival, so much energy, i just jumped for an hour straight, i hope she gets signed soon so she can get an album out. And on a sunny day like today i cant think of anything better to listen to.

Ebony Bones writes all her own music and produces all her own stuff too, shes pretty badass,and if any of ye are young enough to remember Family Affairs she used to play Yasmin!



jayems said...

me and my friends met her london outside some pub last summer. she was so nice

Dean said...

I was hoping that I was going to inform you about the family affairs thing :(.

Oh hi I'm james I met ebony bones when I went to London without Dean I am SO cool. Love you really james.

we're having a moment said...

ye guys are so funny!