Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cher through the Decades...

Original Cher

90's Cher

Crazy Brows Cher

Okay so she has chola brows and a slight case of stroke face and them jeans were tack but Cher Llyod killed it on last nights X-Factor! She sang Keri Hilson's version of Soulja Boy's Turn My Sway On and it was kinda amazing. Anyways bitch is only 16, I know, even Louis Walsh couldn't get over that fact, so we can forgive her styling efforts, but I did die for them boots. They were Major!

I can't help but think that if Cher is in Cheryl's catagory this year, toilet attendents all over the UK will have to be on their guard and keep an eye out for these two!


Cher's Audition

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