Monday, June 6, 2011

Get Greasy...

Blogger and burger-fiend Burgerac has brought together a whole host of red meat-obsessed artists and designers to create a one-night-only show dedicated to the art of the burger.

Burgerac, a self-styled ‘burger detective hot on the trail of the finest burger in town’, has organised the ticket-only Burgermat event, to be held at the Andrews greasy spoon café on London’s Gray’s Inn Road on 27 June as part of the Burger Monday series of pop-up dinners.

The 64 guests will be able to tuck into a top-quality burger from chef Fred Smith of the Admiral Codrington pub, while admiring a range of burger-inspired artworks - which they will use as their placemats.

The diners will then be able to take the artworks - by that stage stained with mustard, burger juice and other goodness - home with them or swap them with other attendees.

Burgerac says, ‘Just as Burger Monday transforms the humble burger into a chopped steak of great disctinction, these artists will turn the disposable placemat into a collectable Burgermat, signed by the burger lovers who made them and duly stained by the burger lovers who eat over them.’

Among the burger-mad artists contributing works to the show include Andy Rementer, whose Eat work features a number of hungry characters about to tuck into some juicy burgers; Nishant Choksi, who has channelled a classic ‘50s drive-thru style and Richard Hart who has gone for the graphic punnery of The Land of the Rising Bun.

How Great is this idea? Original Design work and a fine meal all in the one night. See, this is why I need to move back to London.


Via the always cool Design Week Blog

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