Sunday, November 13, 2011

Immortals Premiere in Dublin

Last Friday I was invited to the Irish Premiere of Immortals, Tarsem Singh's latest visually captivation release. But like Singh's other visual masterpieces, The Cell, and The Fall, the story is somewhat lacking, and has problems with pacing. All the action takes place in the final 30 minutes, and while the stunning sets, costumes, make up and effects will keep you entertained through out, the build up is quite slow.

Former Home & Away Aussie actress Isabell Lucus is captivating, and perfectly cast as Goddess Athena, while Twilight star Kellen Lutz, and Luke Evans provide the muscle in their roles as Gods Poseidon and Zeus.

The mortals are also convincing in their roles, Henry Cavill is the Hero Theseus, Mickey Rourke plays to his villainous strengths as the evil King Hyperion, and Frida Pinto rounds off the impressive ensemble as the Seer Phaedra.

Like I said earlier Tarsem's films are not know for their intricate plots, or he is not known for brilliant storytelling or fine direction. To me, Tarsem is an artist first, and a director second. Each and every scene in the movie could be paused and printed as a one of a kind masterpiece. The costumes are stunning, rich golds for the Gods, malicious head wear for Hyperion's army, and the locations look lush and epic.

While with most films of late, the 3D is completely unnecessary and at times distracting, and only every used to full effect in the film's final moments.

Overall though I enjoyed the movie a lot, for all if faults in the story, the action on screen is unlike anything you will have seen in a long time. While it may not stimulate your brain, it is certainly a feast for the eyes, and I left the cinema with many unforgeable images lodged in my mind.


Me and my mate Elaine getting ready for the film to begin.

afterwards we hit up Nandos for some of its world famous Peri Peri Chicken!

the next day while having a look around Grafton me and my boyfriend Pa went into Tower Records where Camille O'Sullivan was performing a live set at the back of the store. She sounds so incredible live, at first we thought it was a CD playing as we browsed around the story, only to see the woman herself on stage. She was performing as part of Movember's day of musical acts in Tower Records.

Before we heading back to Ennis we had time for a stop in YO Sushi! Im pretty sure that this place is Pa's favourite restaurant in the entire city, and I am becoming a Sushi converter too. The firecracker chicken and the deep fried squid are becoming my YO Sushi favourites.

before beginning the FIVE HOUR BUS TRIP home, I had just enough time to run into BT to start my Christmas shopping. A fantastic weekend in Dublin was definitely had by all.


(special thanks to MOVIES.IE for the Immortals tickets)

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