Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Terminally Illin'

Last week this arrived in the post, and I have never been so excited to read a comic book in my life!

Terminally Illin' is the brainchild of Kaylin Andres, a fellow Cancer patient who's blog CANCER IS HILARIOUS provided me with many laughs when I myself was going through Chemo.

The comic was entirely funded on Kickstart, an American website were people can fund projects, the same as Ireland's FundIt.ie...

I donated $20, I know its not a a lot, but at the time I was a poor 22 year old Cancer patient, but my 20 dollar donation did get me a thank you on the Terminally Illin' VIP page. I'm honoured to be able to help this amazing project in any small way that I can!


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Michael Johnsons said...

I am glad that you were able to help to this amazing project. Being a 22 year old cancer patient, $20 dollar contribution to this project will go a long way.

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