Thursday, February 23, 2012

A place to see, Kilkee!

The freedom of having a car is something that cannot be described. It is simply something that has to be experienced! If you are considering learning to drive, I advise so much that you bite the bullet, and book some lesson. Yes, at first it will be terrible, but one day, like people repeatedly tell you whether you ask or not, you will just "get it".

Anyways since passing my test back in December (7 months after having my first lesson) I have been out in the car every chance I've had! Yes, petrol is expensive, but the destination is always worth it, and seeing as I live in Co. Clare, probably the most scenic county in this wonderful Island of ours, I have countless places to visit.

Last weekend our destination was Kilkee. The famous cliff was has recently been repaved, and handlebars have been erected too, so the chances off falling off the cliffs now is slimmer than ever. I still held on to the rails (for dear life) just to be safe.

Afterwards Pa, Fergal & Myself walked along the beach and had lunch. Packed from home. Why spend (insert ridiculous price here) for a below average pub grub carvery, when you can throw a few things together from your own kitchen!

Anyways it was a fantastic day, not only because the weather stayed sunny right up until we left, but because it made me excited. Excited for the Summer, for all the places I can go, things I can see, and memories I can make.


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