Thursday, February 26, 2015


So I haven't done a blog post since May, 2014. Blogging, and writing in general, is
one of those weird things that while you enjoy it, it can also become a task, and sometimes even a punishment. 

So I took a little break, which became many many months. I've started writing again because I feel like we are at a turning point in Irish life. With the upcoming Marriage Equality referendum only months away, I feel like now more than ever I need to get my voice back. I need to add my voice to this discussing. Because I have a voice. 

I am not the only person to get my voice back it seems. Over the past months I feel the Irish public has regained its voice. Whether it's people protesting Irish Water, or Trans citizen looking to be recognised, or women looking for the rights of their own bodies. They have a voice. 

We have been dormant for too long. We have had a bad case of laryngitis. And now the honey and lemon has worked, and we have our voice back. 

So this is my return to the world of blogging, I'll still be posting about my interests (fashion, design, music) but also the every day, what I see around me, what I'd like to see change. What I myself what to help change. 

I have my voice back. 


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