Friday, April 24, 2009

Im telling you we'll be famous one day!

D and I went to Belvedere House the day before yesterday to help David (below) with his end of year project. He is making some film which sounds really cool but dont think i could explain it. Cant wait to see the final edit though. D and I ran through the forest, climbed trees and paddled in the water. Belevdere has got gorgeous grounds! Twas loads of fun wasnt D?! so if your in need of actors, models, Djs, wateva ya want really, contact us!!!

David also entered a drink aware competition and got runner up in best overall film. CONGRATS!!!

A Simple Choice from dhtv on Vimeo.


colettemchugh said...

i like the shakey effect in the drink awares video.

jayems said...

these photos are the cutest things i did ever see