Sunday, February 28, 2010


So if you haven't seen it by now Rihanna's Rude Boy video (above) is very very similar to M.I.A's 2007 video for Boyz. So everyones has being calling Rihanna's version a rip-off and now Maya has got in on the action and retweeted something one of her fans said:

I don't know if @kNAneedsREEBOK is trying to copy M.I.A's writing style or just can't spell? Anyways below is M.I.A's Boyz video. On a sidenote M.I.A linked another tweet of hers to the website for her record label N.E.E.T Recordings although if you are anyway hungover then don't click on the link. It's very M.I.A i.e Mental!


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