Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rest In Peace

So I'm sure everybody know by now that one of my Heroes is dead. Lee McQueen was found dead today and its just the oddest feeling, I am genuinely upset over this. Its not like i knew the man or anything, but Im upset because its the end. There will be no more of his shows, no more crazy antics, no more Kate Moss holograms or giant runway chessboards. It devastates me. One of my dreams was to go see a McQueen runway show, and now that will never happen. I guess losing your mother is something thats unfathomably hard to deal with.

I really think today will be like a 9/11 day for me, I walked in the door and C was at the top of the stairs, she thought it was the TV licence inspector, anyways I walk in and C asks if I got her text? I assumed she wanted from the shop or we needed milk, and then she said "Alexander McQueen died". I really don't think i'll ever forget that moment. When Michael Jackson died I was never a big fan of his music so I wasn't upset like everyone else, I couldn't understand their immense mourning, but Alexander McQueen's death really saddened me because its like the world will be deprived of everything he was going to do, all the clothes he was going to make, all the runway shows he was going to come up with, and now that will never happen. and it devastates me immensely.



Below is a video I found entitled Alexander McQueen - The Greatest Moments, and just like the name suggests it is 6 minutes, 48 seconds of sheer genius, brilliance, creative gold that the world will never see a fraction of anything like this ever again.



Ciara Killalea said...

London Fashion weeks not going to be the same :(

Nick said...

Normally he had to open the Fashion Week in Paris on March 9th. :(