Monday, April 19, 2010

Sun Is In The Sky

Oh why, Oh why would I wanna be anywhere else....

So last month I think it was, one of my best friends, the very talented designer Ms. Ciara Killalea, put up a post on facebook about her roommate moving out and how she had a room going. In her flat. In London. So I thought to myself fuck it, why not? And I told her I'd take the room.

So last week I booked my flight (one way too, very scary) on Aer Lingus. I wasn't going to risk going with RyanAir and having them break my heart with all the hidden charges.

So I have my deposit paid, and the flat is in Brixton, "drug capital of London" according to wikipedia! But I grew up in Ennis, so it can't be much worst than that.

Can't wait to just finish up with college, this year hasn't been great to be honest, so a change of scenery is most definitely needed.

And here's my lovely future digs!


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lou and una said...

jealuzzz the place looks fab!