Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chilled Peppers

I went to see the Chili Peppers in Croke Park last week, and it was such an odd experience. I went because my lovely friend Ciara invited me, and she herself had won tickets. So we were seated to the right of the stage, and while the gig was good, it was so odd going to see a band that you really have no interest anymore. And by the empty seats in the stadium, I wasn't the only person bored with the RHCP.

Having said that they put on a good show, the sound was a bit off, but you get that at large stadiums. On the other hand, sitting a concert was a revelation. We could run in and out to the bar, the toilets and snack bar, all with the knowledge that we wouldnt have to forge our way back through the crowds. Maybe its just a sign that Im getting older?


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