Monday, July 16, 2012

Getting Higgy with It!

Last weekend I had the great honour to meet Professor Rolf-Dieter Heuer, CERN director general, at The Royal Irish Academy last Saturday. He was there as part of a panel discussion on the importance of finding the Higgs Boson, and my friend Katy and I were hired to record the event.

It was so great to see the massive turn out at the event, especially seeing as Ireland is the only European State currently not a member of CERN, which means that any Irish Citizens are not eligible to work there. And at a cost of 11 million euro to join, it is hardly a waste, when we think of the billions spent to bail out the Irish banks.

The entire set of interviews with the panel, in conversation with Dr. Claire O'Connell can be found on The Irish Times website.


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