Sunday, May 10, 2009

All hail Mr. Meisel

Steven Miesel(who else?) has created the most luscious looking editorial for Vogue Italia, called Moroccan Holiday. Its just stunning, the colours, the composition between the pictures of the models and the scenery shots of Morocco, I just want to run down to Budget Travel and book my flights!

I have to say Vogue Italia always brings it. This probably has something to do with the fact that Steven Miesel has shot every cover for the magazine for the last 20 years, but when you compare the cover to the UK's May Vogue cover, the difference is insane! Its also kinda ironic that the UK cover has BE INSPIRED sprawled across it... Maybe British Vogue's editor, Alexandra Shulman, should take her own advice!


ana said...

but you can't really compare the two magazines - they both have very different motives, visions and purposes, and UK Vogue is very good at what it does, as well as foraying occasionally into the more creative and artsy stuff as well (look at last year's fantasy issue, I think it was December). UK Vogue has a bigger circulation and needs to be more commercial than Vogue Italia, and Alexandra Shulman is, in my opinion, a bit of a genius in her own right - just not the same way Franca Sozzani rocks it.
oh my god, sorry for the ESSAY i just wrote

jayems said...

that's true.
but still, it wouldn't hurt to make the front cover a tad bit more interesting.