Wednesday, May 27, 2009

WHAM on siesta!

Hi all, so D is off to San Diego for the summer on the J1 (cliche much I know) but he's super excited and can't wait til sunday when he flies out! C is off helping the kiddies learn ballet for the summer too, so we're havin' a moment will be taking a break for the summer. We'll be back kicking ass in september! (hopefully with a review of electric picnic 09 if we can get out mitts on some tix!)

Hope everyone has an amazing summer!



just a lil something amazing to kill the boredom!



The Bubble Boy said...

Do come back soon. I've been enjoying your posts.

Enjoy your respective siestas!

niamh said...

aw no! gona miss this! see you at electric picnic!

niamh said...

aw its not even the end of june and i already miss ure posts :(

Girley said...


Thanks for the comment on my blog :)
Keep in touch. luvs & kisses

lou and una said...

woop pic-a-nic!

calvinn said...

just saw a few weeks ago...she was amazing:)