Wednesday, November 18, 2009

All Coked Up!

So in college we were given a brief by the Midlands Drugs Task Force to come up with an A3 poster highlighting the effects of cocaine. which is apparently not good for you... My idea came from the idea of slang words for cocaine, so i ended up picking snow cause its a good visual word.

After doing a bit of research into cocaine and addictions i ended up using the idea of recreational use developing into a full on addiction. the tag line A SNOWSTORM CAN TURN INTO A BLIZZARD RAPIDLY developed from this idea...




Visually i knew i wanted to keep the poster simple, yet effective. I've always loved Saul Bass's style and use of colour, and more recently i've been really digging SPACESICK and OLLY MOSS. Olly has an insanely simple style but when its done right it can be brilliant. Spacestick has a really modern looking vintage style, again not overworked or over designed! totally amazing.


So colour wise i was really happy with the first mock up, the white lines on the solid black look good. i wanted it to look like snow falling, and the white sharp lines reference lines of cocaine being cut with a razor. then snow changing from white to red was echoing the idea of casual cocaine use becoming addictive and dangerous.


So this is where I'm at now, we have to present our first idea tomorrow, and then I'll probably get told to make a heap of changes. Type wise the jump out text is the bold red SNOW, the red snow has begun to cover the white snow. the N and W pointed, again giving the idea of razors and cutting. the body of text underneath is a skinny white font, all referring back to the idea of lines of cocaine.

I'll update this post with the finished piece once I'm done...


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