Monday, November 2, 2009

Cole + Koma

Did everybody watch X-factor this weekend? Im sad Rachel got voted out, I liked her alot. Anyways the main thing everyone was talking about this morning in college was Cheryl's dress. I loved it. My housemate Diane hated it. So like everyone else were divided over it. The dress is by David Koma, who just graduated from Saint Martins and everyone has already labeled him the next big thing. Lady Gaga has worn his clothes recently so he's well on his way...


Oh did everybody else know that Cheryl's album cover was shot by the amazing Nick Knight? I only found out today. Cheryl is really stepping up her game.

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The Bubble Boy said...

Did you see that Frankmusik has been munching on that Cheryl 'stole' his album cover and one of his songs?

The songs are quite similar but saying she fleeced his album art is defo a stretch.