Sunday, January 10, 2010

Its a man. In a Tshirt.

So last November I had the first draft of my dissertation due in and instead of just buckling down for a few hours and getting it done, I found a pack of Post-Its and rewallpapered the sitting room!

So this Monday my portfolio is due in college, and instead of talking pictures and retouching some old projects I did this... TA-DAH!

Its a little man wearing a Tshirt, made out of Tshirt shaped Post-its. As for my portfolio... well its a work in progress (Translation, Im Fucked!) But as they say tomorrow is another day.


I also noticed that there is a big arse on the telly! I was watching Sex and the City, talk about perfect timing right.


Girley said...

Cool stuff! :)

Laney Sexton said...

hehehe brilliant espec the arse lol!!!