Thursday, January 21, 2010

Whats new in Darrenland?

So up above is a message I was sent from a girl basically saying that her friend was inspired to draw my picture then asked if that was weird. Seriously you cant make this shit up, though it should be noted that the girl was a friend of a girl I worked with in America, so, go figure.

My friends and I have this running joke that I should have my own Hills style TV show, since crazy stuff like this happens to me all the time. The week before last I had another guy (via Facebook) set up a fake account pretending to be a guy I once went on a date with (Mr. WP), then when I asked him why I was his only friend on FB he informed me that he was Mr. WP's ex bf and accused me of ruining their 3 year relationship and demanded to know how long the affair was going on for. (Thats a direct quote btw) Its funny how all this can be going on in other people's lives and your none the wiser. Well until they send you a page long email.

Having said all that I'm not complaining. I do like not knowing whats just around the corner in the fun world of Darrenland. Below is better view of my portrait. I take it as a compliment!



yadayada said...

Maybe she'll do a whole bunch of them now pictures of darren from facebook

patmclo said...

I new my photographic skills would eventually be recognised haha