Monday, January 11, 2010

She Is Coming!

Has everybody seen these virals that have been making the rounds the last few days online? Well people are saying its promotion for Christina Aguilera's new album Bionic, which im a bit sceptical about.
The evidence for this being a Christina viral are 1/she worked with LadyTron, Sia, Goldfrapp and Santigold on her new album and 2/ the amazing Floria Sigismondi directed her Fighter and Hurt videos, aswell as Marilyn Manson's Beautiful People video, which visually look very similar to the 2 videos.
On the opposite side it is Xtina at the end of the and does she really have something like this in her arsenal? im not sure.

Other people are saying Goldfrapp, Bjork, Lady Gaga(no way) or my guess The Knife. The Knife have a new opera coming out based on Darwin's Origin of the Species so that what im putting my money on.

Having said all that I would really like it to be a viral for Christina, cause if she was going in this direction id happily follow


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