Monday, May 30, 2011

New Chef. Still Little.

So UK fast food chain Little Chef has gone and got itself a little makeover. If you are not familiar with the brand, it would be similar to Mother Hubburbs here in Ireland. Anyways Little Chef first came to my attention when celebrity chef/kitchen wizard Heston Blumenthal was asked to revise their menu as part of a Channel 4 series. The results were apparently a great success as Little Chef are planning on opening 9 new restaurants this year.

Along with their new menu, Little Chef has undergone a major design transformation, lifting the old and dated styles, to fun and modern eye catching packaging and branding.

One of the most exciting, and in my opinion, the most ballsy concept are these giant pop art like, neon signs which well be placed outside a number of the new chains. Coffee, Ketchup and lollipops are all synonymous with family eateries, so why not broadcast that on a huge scale.

I have to admit I never ate in Little Chef when I lived in London, but if was to ever pass one by on my next visit, Im pretty sure id be drawn in by this bold and creative new design direction.


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