Sunday, May 22, 2011

Marian on the Red Carpet (Kinda)

I know I might seem inappropriately to discuss fashion at a funeral, especially that of a great former leader like Garret FitzGerald’s, but when I came across this image of radio talker and all round seemingly nice lady Marian Finucane I had to stop and say BITCH YOU BETTA WERQ!

Thankfully I saw this picture on the internet and I didn't see her in person, so there was no awkward moments at the funeral. Can you imagine? The FitzGerald Family are like "Who is that giant man shouting DIVA at poor Marian?"

Anyways its a fabulous coat, ya can never go wrong with full length, but what is mostly killing me is her amazing headwear. Its totally Hermes right? Well I dunno if its an actual Hermes hat, but with insane RTE salaries who knows right?

At the end of the day, it is a funeral, but that don't mean you cant stomp down the gravel church path like you're on the runway in Paris, so good for you Marian, you've brightened up my Sunday.


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