Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nice day for a Summer Wedding!

So around this time last year my eldest sister announced that her and her man had gotten engaged, as happy as I was for them, I was more excited to find out that their wedding would be held on a beach in Spain.

Well everything was going to plan until Christmas time when my dear sister announced that she is knocked up, so the wedding would be pushed back a year or two... Someone doesn't want to be a fat bride apparently.

Needless to say I am more than thrilled for my Sister and her expanding family, as well as her expanding belly.

And luckily American GQ have just ran a fashion feature all about the perfect suit for a Summer wedding, so now I have a whole year to find my perfect out, and this editorial has more than a few great ideas.

Glee star Darren Chris does a pretty good job modelling these looks, and seeing as they are a bit 50's prom with a bitta rockabilly chic throw in, he pulls it off well.


all images via the wonderful Tom&Lorenzo

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