Monday, March 26, 2012

Its a new dawn, its a new day!


How amazing has the weather been these past few days? (For any non-Irish readers, it has been in the mid 20's for the past number of days here in Ireland, this weather in March is basically unheard of, so as you can imagine, everyone has been making the most of it. And I am no different)

and seeing as it such a nice day, I was feeling fruity for breakfast. Tescos had half price Strawberries, so naturally I brought two packs, only to remember that strawberries have a life of about 3 days. So then I thought, what goes well with strawberries, and the answer for what to have for breakfast became clear! PANACKES!

I'll never know why most people only have pancakes on that one Tuesday of the year? They are so simple to make, taste delicious, and everyone likes them! I had mine with Panda spread and strawberries!

Another great thing about this weather, is discovering old friends in your wardrobe, like this Ralph Lauren denim shirt I got in a 2nd hand shop for €5...

With the weather so nice, we decided to make good use of my patio, and I had some friends round for Lunch. We ate well, and spend the afternoon in the sun, laughing, and soaking up the rays.

All this took just ten minutes to set up, an old sheet became a table cover, comfy cushions from the sitting room became chair covers, and everyone was happy to help cook.

Tulips that were planted last year, have begun to bloom again, along with some daffodils too.

I finished a great day with a walk around town, just when the sun was setting and dusk began...

If this coming summer was half as nice as these past few days have been, then we are set for a fantastic summer.

Summer '95 all over again!


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