Friday, March 23, 2012

SYD2030 is here!

I have so much admiration for the markers of SYD2030! In a time where everyone seems to be broke, and no one is doing anything but complaining, nothing makes me happier than to see a group of young people trying to get a something off the group.

SYD2030 is a brand new web series, described as Gossip Girl down under, which focus' on Cameron Hunter, and how his world is turned upside down by the return of the mysterious she!

Considering the budget limitations, this first episode is amazingly promising. The cast a young and spirited, and while not professionals, they are convincing as fun loving teens. The music and score is great throughout, and the over all visuals, from the wardrobe to cinematography is most impressive.

Here on WHAM we'll be posting the next episode as soon as its live, so keep it here for everything SYD2030!


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