Sunday, March 18, 2012

Whats new in DarrenLand!

Hello! My friends and I had a running joke that I should have my own TV show, ala The Comeback, because drama seems to follow me around. But since I hate people, I don't think id enjoy having a camera crew following me around, so instead, heres whats been happening in my life, Welcome to DarrenLand!

Last month my mate Alan and I went to see former Pussycat Doll (and XFactor Judge) Nicole Scherzinger at The Olympia. It was my first time in the venue actually, and I loved it. As for Nicole's show, I was equally impressed. I was never a huge PCD fan, but always liked Nicole, and Im glad that she sounds just as good live as on her records.

Halfway through the show there was a big comosion and all these girls in front me seems to be getting very excited and started talking pictures in my direction. I thought maybe the'd mistaken me for a celebrity. Not the first time this has happened, in Edinburgh last year I was mistaken for England Cricketer Freddie Flintoff, who is 12 years older than me, and once again for Mark from Westlife, also, not in my age bracket (note to self: by anti wrinkle cream).

So anyways all these people are pointing and taking pictures so it finally clicks that there may be someone more interesting than me possibly standing behind me. And there was. F1 superstar Lewis Hamiltion. Yes, he may be far more rich and successful than me, but I am much taller. Small victories. He was a good sport and let people take pictures, myself included. I shouted "WELL DONE" and pointed at his missus, then he gave me a big thumbs up, and a knowing 'yes, Im tapping that' look.

After that it was off The George with my buddy Shawn for a night of dancing onstage, thats whats you do in The G after all!

Last week I was back in Dublin but this time with my BF in tow. We were celebrating our 6 month anniversary in the capital, and we were both lucky enough to win tickets to the John Carter premiere at The Savoy. The film itself was fantastic, really good old school adventure film. Its a shame that all the press its getting is focusing on the films 250 Mil price tag, and not the content itself. But, if you are bored this weekend and looking for something to do, I highly recommend that you check it out.

As for the Premiere, it was a bit lame. The old celebs were a few Xpose heads, who seemed to linger outside the screen, waiting to be spotted. From The Savoy we went onto one of my favourite pubs, Pantibar.

At Pantibar every Thursday they have Make & Do-Do, where all the creative gays come out and are given a topic or theme by Panti, aswell as an abundance of Mala, paper, glitter, feathers, pipe cleaners, basically everything you'd fine in an 6 year olds art box!

The theme on the night was a self portait, which could be interpreted anyway you wanted. As soon as the theme was announced I went black in the eye, took my bitch hat off, and put my art bitch hat on. I was 100% eye of the tiger, determined to win it!

And thats just what I did. Looking around everyone was using the mala (Play-Doh to ye posh kids) and I figured I'd need to do something to stand out, so I went straight for the coloured paper and grabbed myself a scissors! So I did a mask of my drag queen alter ego, Miss Kathy Griffindor! And I won, well I came 2nd, but the guy who came first left before the judging (which was hilarious) had finished, so he advocated his position, making me default 1st place winner! Which I happily accepted. The fabulous prize turned out to be two drink tickets, which when we brought to the bar and asked for two Long Island Ice Teas, we were told that each ticket had a value of €5! Still, a win is a win. And after 3 years at design college, if I could not win an arts and crafts competition in a gaybar, I might as well have just handed my degree back then and there!

The week before last I was down in Cork, and not just to listen to their lovely accents, I had work to do. I applied to CIT college back in January, so I was called for a portfolio interview. The interview was fine, I talked about my work, and explained why I wanted to return to college. Id rather be working to be honest, but every design studio seems to want at least 2 years experience these days, and you cannot get experience without getting a job first. The eternal catch 22.

Upon leaving the college I noticed the car parked on the green of the college, I only saw it from the back, so I didnt think much of it, until I saw the from of it when I was on the bus. Well actually half the from of the car had fallen out. Yes, there was a crashed abandoned car on the green of the college Im hoping to be attending this September, where I come from, we call that GLAMOUR!

and last but not least, Ive been doing a lot of what I like to do best, shop! Well, more precisely, charity shop! At least once a week I rummage through all the local charity shops, hoping to strike gold. Admittedly, its mostly junk, but on the odd day you can find a few bargains. The 2 books above were one euro each. Banishing my belly and learning to draw, all for €2? What a bargain!

And this fabulous mirror? €5 from my beloved Cancer Society Shop! I needed a full length mirror, but didn't have the wall space for anything too big, so it was perfect.

and with that, so ends another episode of DarrenLand! Thanks for tuning in, and I'll try and blog more, seeing as I am not work, I have not excuse not to keep up with WHAM!

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(This episode is especially dedicated to my two main girls, who are on opposite side of the planet! To Suzie in Australia, I Love and miss you! Shona in Canada, you are the Sabrina to my Katrina! Zelda to my Jezebellda! I miss you (and your cackle) so much!)

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Seemed like a star-studded event you been to there, huh? I would have loved to give out premium business cards for self-marketing purposes. It's always great to take advantage of big happenings in the area like that one.